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Hemmingway :iconlawren:Lawren 0 0
I Will Cry
I bought you flowers today,
and the look in your eyes told me that I love you.
I made you laugh today,
and the sound of your voice told me that I care.
I had to kiss you today,
and the smile on your face told me that I will kiss you a thousand more.
I went away today,
and there was no you to me
I didn't care today,
and the tracks of your tears showed just how hard I cried
I need you today,
and the day after told me just how much that is true
I love you,
I care,
I will kiss you today,
I will make you laugh,
I will make you smile,
I will kiss you a thousand more times,
and I will cry.
:iconlawren:Lawren 4 5
All life begins with a bang. For some it's a bigger bang than others. For others it's a smaller bang than some. But that one notion holds true. There's always a bang...
Three shots faded away into the darkness. So much for a quiet evening in the park! Dutch hurried toward the sound of the explosions. Rounding a corner blocked by wrought iron fencing and dense shrubs his feet slid over the grimy cement pathway and he nearly fell. The lights ahead were out, the way shrouded in darkness. Dutch slowed and withdrew his sidearm. He moved ahead slowly, crouching, silently as possible. He heard a noise, like clawing and then whatever it was scampered away. Some night animal, not alarmed by the shots, so common place as to not even be a cause for alarm, startled by his so-called silent approach. In the darkness he heard other soungs. Water dripping frm the leaves over head. The gurgle of the brook at the parks center, close to overflowing afte the heavy rainfall. Night anim
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 1
       I can't do it.
       You can.
       No, I can't.
       Robert, you can.
       No, you don't understand, I really can't.
       Oh, alright!
       The shot echoed away into the darkness. Deep, livid darkness. Through his sight Robert watched the wisps of fog curling, most likely not even realizing just what it was that had disturbed them.  Slowly he lowered his rifle, touched the com pack strapped to his shoulder and activated his diaphram mic.
       Hit confirmed, over. His voice was gravel, thick and distorted. He had to work to make himself und
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 19
CotH Chapter 3 Very Rough
                                                                    Chapter 3
:iconlawren:Lawren 2 15
More Randomness....
Vampires that are forsaken are know as Raven, (or crow, not sure yet). They are solitary, have no court, and are outcasts. One such turned Mercy. One such killed justice. One such was Arleigh. (Arleigh, the raven. Because he took himself from a forsaken, and made a pact, or a court, or whatever this is called.).They become kind of like monsters, mindless killers, but smart also, like a master, but not as careful. (Search bird names, this would be interesting, to find a bird name that could be used for the vamprye.)
Perhaps, as a historical reference. The reason for this is the very first one. His name was Ravenous
(Rewrites, add these today.....
I slid from one lightless bay to the next, gliding through the open spaces in between with a beam at my back, and a tremor in my heavy breathing that seemed to echo all the way to my heart. That, that peotic organ of love and betrayal, had a crescendo of its own. A deep, heavy clamor that echoed in my ears, pounded through my veins, and seemed
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 0
Random Scenes
       "Don't you care?"
       "My give a damn is broken."
       Mercy turned and stormed from the auditorium, the sound of her footfalls echoing back to the empty room. This was just what I needed. A fight turned to attitude. Now I knew why I didn't get involved with women, women friends in general. It complicated things. When your just friends talking is second nature, you brag and razz, if it's a female friend you might even get a little open with your feelings, get a little sexual tension in there and things become awkward.
       "What's her problem?" I asked.
       "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Robert looked up from his work, a rather complex jumbling of circuits, and smiled. Some day I'd ask him what the hell all of that stuff was for. We sure in the hell weren't espionagists, as far as I k
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 11
CofH Ch.2 Lucky Charms
                                                       Chapter 2
                                                     Lucky Charms
       It was half a block later when she saw the first of them, sticking mostly to the shadows, trying to fan out around her. There were three of them, moving from an alleyway to the slate greenness of a sidewalk. That in itself meant nothing. They could have been human. Tourists. Lost. Dru
:iconlawren:Lawren 1 19
TC A little further from the e
       The front of the room exploded at the tolling of the opening bells. Cinder blew outward in gunshot rapid succession as the weight of the room disintegrated to the pounding of steel over their surface. Glass fragments shot like razor knives and wires dangled like huge gorging snakes, flopping up and over the van as the wall crumpled.
       Shinnies gun exploded, the hot beat off muzzle blowing outward and blinding both in it's flash. Antoine felt the burning metal streak past, hot muzzle fire scorching his cheek and for a moment he thought he had been shot.
       You made it! his mind screamed a second later, bemused as it realized he still stood, the facts of life flooding aside the brief flashes of his horrid life.
       Something flew across the room in a whining buzz and struck at the back of his skull. He lurched forward, struggling
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 4
TC Somewhere Near the End.
       "Are you hungry?" Shuylin interrupted those thoughts before they could even begin and Lawrence had to shake his head for a minute, rub at his eyes in gratitude, before he could finally look at her. He shook his head in absence, and she asked again, "Are you hungry?"
       Lawrence rolled that through his mind, suddenly so distracted by the simple question his uneasiness of a moment before was forgotten.
       "I don't know—" He started to answer and found himself swallowing the lump in his throat. "I— I think I'm hungry? But right now just thinking about it's twisting my insides. Does that make any sense?"
       "But you are hungry?" She persisted.
       "I feel like I haven't eaten in. . . days." They both heard his stomach grumble.
       "Years, you meant to say."
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 9
CotH CH.1 Better Left unturned
                                                         Chapter 1
       Rhari Copeland picked up her coat from the lady at the ticket counter. She gave the brunette with the blonde roots her ticket, and in return she was handed the well worn bundle of suede that had carried her through three winters. She placed the little yellow enve
:iconlawren:Lawren 1 18
CotH: Prologue
                                                    Better Left Unturned
       "Don't use your fingers!" Roberts voice was a low growl, twisting around the unfamiliar words. Robert enunciated 'Don't' perfectly, drawing a fresh glare from his stockpile of frustrated and angry looks to throw at Rhari from his seat across their table. He'd been at this whole 'human' thing a lot longer than she had, and he still didn't always get the sounds right. It had something to do with the voice box; some aspect of the translation. The longer you were away, the harder it seemed to get it all back.
       "Yes, daddy." Rhari mumbled under her breath. She tried
:iconlawren:Lawren 1 66
A Fairy tale for Two
                                                 A fairy Tale for Two
                                               Why do they tell us to love,
                                                why should it be endlessly,
                                        why should the world falter round us,
                                                   why should it make me,
                                                       wish I were free.
                                                   Why did you stop then,
                                              and what made you see me,
                                                     why not keep going,
                                                    away from my heart,
                                                    away from my need.
                                           maybe that's not what I wanted,
                                             maybe that's not what I mean,
:iconlawren:Lawren 4 12
What is Ode -For Thunder-
                                What is Ode
                     ...a short for Thundersilence
                                                          I look inside myself and see my heart is black
                                                   I see my red door and I must have it painted black
                                            Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
                                              It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black.
                                                                         —The Rolling Stones

                                    The Serpent
       Darkness rules supreme in the wastes; that land between mans waking mind and
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 13
Multi-Story 1: Twist
                                                    Twist Chapter 3:
                                                       Royal Flush
       Carlos writhed over the grimy wooden floor, his body shuddering from the bullet that had taken him in a shoulder. His struggle was soundless, silent but for the scrape of his boot heels over the dirty wooden planks of flooring. The pain was hot and fresh, burning and intense, and still he did not cry out.
       He felt the shock from his wounds setting in, the icy coldness as it tried to edge his limbs; like burning flames, but possessing no heat—instead this was a complete absence of heat, absolute zero; bringing with it an emptiness devoid of cognitive thought, devoid of reason and logic; followed only too closely by numbness, and then the harsh finality of death—but he refused to succumb to his bodies desperate pleas for surrender. Surrender to the coldness. . . After a moment Carlos refused even to move past that uncontrollable shake that
:iconlawren:Lawren 1 13
Royal Flush: Help. Critique...
                                                      Twist Chapter 3:
                                                          Royal Flush
       Carlos writhed over the grimy wooden floor, his body shuddering from the bullet that had taken him in a shoulder, and still he did not cry out. He could feel the shock setting in, the icy coldness as it tried to edge his limbs; like burning flames, but po
:iconlawren:Lawren 0 12


City of Sad Shadows by ChrisCold City of Sad Shadows :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 1,307 166 Thunder on the Strip by creaturenight Thunder on the Strip :iconcreaturenight:creaturenight 3 0 Thunder on the Strip by creaturenight Thunder on the Strip :iconcreaturenight:creaturenight 2 0 Thunder on the Strip by creaturenight Thunder on the Strip :iconcreaturenight:creaturenight 1 2 Kindle my Heart by tb-black Kindle my Heart :icontb-black:tb-black 268 111 Setting Sun, Rising Moon by cyanineblu Setting Sun, Rising Moon :iconcyanineblu:cyanineblu 62 11 Genetic knight by Vilk42 Genetic knight :iconvilk42:Vilk42 378 110 Shooting stars by dragonfairy1 Shooting stars :icondragonfairy1:dragonfairy1 1 2 Through the Fog by Silent-Sempiternal24 Through the Fog :iconsilent-sempiternal24:Silent-Sempiternal24 5 7
Wouldn't You Like to Know?
Wouldn't you like to know,
that my dreams are filled with your face?
that your sparkling eyes fill me with joy?
Wouldn't you like to know,
that when the sun sets I see you smile?
that my thoughts revolve around you?
Wouldn't you like to know,
that I care about you,
that I'm not just another point on your board?
Wouldn't you like to know,
that this moment is now?
that now is forever and we shall cherish it?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Wouldn't you like to know?
:iconsilent-sempiternal24:Silent-Sempiternal24 1 8
The Pirates life for me by Rhari The Pirates life for me :iconrhari:Rhari 8 17
Circle Ascend
this circle asends, the mountain falls
and i return to what should have always been
now i ask you
how this got so skewed
why do we continue
Continue to ask all of these
These questions without
Without answers
So now we take it all
take it all in and push it all away
tell me, Tell Me, TELL ME
all these things, I can't understand
How can't you comprend every
which way will take us to the end
Which Way, Which WAY, WHICH
God, where have you gone
why are you so small
god tell me, WHY
Speak to me
Soothe me
Tell me
what is this
the circle ascends
the mountains fall
And I Return
to what should have always been
and I Question
all these without answers
only god knows
god knows but,
keeps them hidden
:iconironic-injustice:Ironic-Injustice 2 4
These seasons change
but mine remain
the same
I know the truth, but
I've shown you lie
Now these seasons cycle
slowly repeat
but my seasons change
to the war drums' beat
will we die for peace
or kill their war
won't you Hold her tight
as it feeds
As genesis bleeds
and the world flows down
and follows 'round
just one love short
of passion and
one day away
our salvation
:iconironic-injustice:Ironic-Injustice 2 5
NaNo Prophecy
When times are darkest
All hope already lost
There shall come heroes
That fight at any cost
To right the wrongs
And fight for truth
They shall be brave
Cunning, and aloof
But their mission
Shall be cut short
Until the time comes
When one of the court
One of the moon
One of the trees
One of the sword
And one of the cheese
Shall come forth
And save the world
From the abominable rule
Of a six year old girl
:iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 24
How You Tought Me
You ripped out my heart when you left me behind in this cold and broken home.
You tore down my spirit when you released it into this untame world.
I'm still trying to understand why it hurts so much to cry,
but feels so much better when I don't question 'why'.
I still feel the cold of the wind coursing through my skin,
but now my arms have forgotten the warmth you put in them.
My eyes are still adjusting to this pain and suffering,
while my sight is still trained on the only thing un-tainted and un-maimed.
You love was so true that I thought,
It would only ever be me and you.
I had fallen for you fast,
looking for a love I thought would last.
Though what I found was strange and kind,
I refused to listen to my mind.
I guess you were right all along,
nothing is new when you're together so long.
You ripped out my heart when you left me alone,
And I still sit on my bed staring at the phone.
I can still see your smile in my dreams,
And I still can't figure out what it means.
No questions we
:iconmournfullaughter:MournfulLaughter 1 0
The Birch Tree Weeps
The Birch Tree Weeps
Tears of gold
Gentle as the fluttering of butterflies
Who leave us for a southern sun.
The grass is gilded in silver at her roots
The first frost has come.
Summer is gone
Though his kiss lingers on
In many a Tree memory
But the birch tree,
She weeps tears of gold.
:iconforestshimmer:forestshimmer 4 6


haven by hakubaikou haven :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 3,085 340 Vampire Birth v2 Print by hatefelt Vampire Birth v2 Print :iconhatefelt:hatefelt 56 22


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Hey All, still around. No major life updates. Still living the married life. Still fighting for free time. Did start writing again. A little. Funny, but I think I say that every time I get on here... lol... Anyway... To anyone who hasn't seen it, but grew up with the American Pie franchise: Don't listen to the Reviews!!!! If you loved the original series your going to love Reunion even more!!! The wife and i went to see it this past friday, I was hoping it was going to be good, but come on, it's been a long time since Wedding. I practically drug the wife along, and we both LOVED IT!!! It's two weeks since the premiere, the theater had moved it to one of their smaller screen and you know what? The place was packed! Almost no empty seats! CHECK IT OUT!!!


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